Audio Editing


Live Concert Downloads
Music and audio downloads are becoming more common due to many factors.  These are cheaper to produce, faster to receive as the end user, less manufacturing waste, online download stores are open 24hrs/day.  Also audio files are more portable with mp3 players and audio podcasts being a large driving force for this new format.

As the producer of Bill Frisell’s Live Download Series, I am involved with the entire process starting with the choosing of the music.  Then determining if there are songs written by other artists and confirming they are available to license.  Audio editing will follow using Avid’s Pro Tools and plug-ins to create a well balanced recording along with fades and track numbers.  Along with audio editing, there is creating the cover art with Photoshop, detailed inserts with credits, the musicians on the recording and other information.  Then licensing the tracks which were not written by Bill Frisell to be legally distributed and sold.

Also available to create downloadable pdf files for “print your own” label and CD insert.  Click here for full discography

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Audio Editing / Transfers / Conversions 
Mobile digital recording and editing suite using multiple audio software programs including ProTools and Digital Performer to help with your audio shaping needs. Level adjustments, EQ and processing capabilities, LP transfers, DAT to CD digital transfers, audio file conversions to and from the following files:

Audio File Conversions:

WAV • AIFF • Flac • MP3 • AAC • Mp4 • M4A • QuickTime Movie • AVI • CAF • Apple Loops • ACID • AU • GSM • M3U • MOV • MPC • OGG • PLS • RAW • RSS • VOX • WPL • Sound Resource and Sound Designer II.

Joe Goode Performance Group, Songline/Tone Field Productions, SNP Communications, Reorchestra, Fast Atmosphere and others. Call or email for project rates.

Sound Design

Composition for independent dance performances and film needs.  Credits: Bay Area Children’s Theater, California And The American Dream, aired nationally on PBS.

Here are some sound samples of some sound design recordings: